1200LBS Cable Hand Winch Manual Steel Rope Winch Boat Trailer Car Mount 10M



  • Reversible ratchet to allow cranking webbing or cable onto the drum in either direction.
  • Load matched gear ratios for easier cranking.
  • Positive action brake can hold the load in any position.
  • Heavy duty winch body, Standard mounting holes.
  • Mechanical components enclosed for protection.
  • Surface Treatment: Powder coating and zinc plating.
  • Carbon steel heat treated bushes, shaft and gears.
  • Resistant to bad weather, Easy to mount, Portable.
  • Mooring Hook Equipped with a Safety pawl.

Product Details

  • Black 1200LB Gear System Cable Hand Winch
  • Heavy duty winch body,Standard mounting holes
  • Resistant to bad weathe,Easy to mount,Portable


  • Steel Cable :4.2mm (Φ) x 10m (L)
  • Maximum Pulling Capacity: 1200LBS/540kgs
  • Overall Dimensions: 250mm x 100mm x 160mm
  • Handle Length: 225mm
  • Drum-Hub Dia: 18mm
  • Weight:4.5kgs

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