42PCS Tyre Puncture Repair Kit Recovery Tool Heavy Duty 4WD Plugs Tube


X-BULL 42PCS Tyre Puncture Repair Recovery Kit Offroad Heavy Duty 4WD Plugs Tubeless
One Year Commercial Warranty With High Quality

Package Include:

1 x T-handle Insertion Tool ( Piercing and insertion needle)

1 x T-handle Spiral Probe Tool;

10 x 6"(200mm)Self-vulcanization Plugs (Rubber repair strips/sealers);

10 x 6"(100mm)Self-vulcanization Plugs (Rubber repair strips/sealers);

4 x Standard Valve Cores;

4 x Brass Hex Valve Caps;

4 x Plastic Valve Caps;

2 x L-type allen wrench;

1 x Double Head Tire Pressure Gauge 10-50psi;

1 x 4-Way Valve Stem Tool;

1 x Trim Knife;

1 x Radial Cord Lubricant (Rubber cement tub);

    1.Tubeless tyre emergency repair kit

    2.Quick and easy to repair

    3.The handles on these tools are made from durable Alloy and have a great grip

    4.Excellent tool to keep in your car with the spare wheel

    5.Suitable for passenger car, motorcyle, ATV, SUV and truck

    5.Ideal for outdoor, highway vacuum tyre for emergency repairs use


    Cord Lehgth:200mm Standard

    T-Handle Size:140*100mm

    Case Size:300*190*55mm


    Case Color:Black


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