Winch Rope Dyneema SK75 10MM x 30M Hook Synthetic Car Tow Recovery Cable



  • High strength/Light weight
  • 15 times stronger than steel,40% stronger than aramids on a weight-for-weight basis
  • Water resistant and floats on surface
  • High UV resistance ensures continuing high performance
  • Moisture resistance:resists water absorption.providing an extra level of protection and durability
  • Low mass, low recoil reduces risk



    • Color:Blue
    • Length:30 M
    • Diameter: 10 MM
    • Protective sleeve on both ends (Approximately 1.4 M on each end)
    • Breaking Load: 10,800 KG (23,809 Lbs)
    • 65 mm Loop Eye
    • 6 mm Eyelet

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