Battery Charger Smater 12V/6V 4A Digital Automatic Maintainer Deep Cycle Small


X-BULL Smart Battery Charger 12V/6V 4A Digital Automatic Maintainer


  • Main Voltage: 220-240V~50Hz
  • Power Rating Max: 70W
  • Nominal Output Voltage:6V DC/12V DC
  • Nominal Output Current at 6V:2A
  • Nominal Output Current at 12V: 2A/4A
  • Battery Capacity: 4-120Ah


1. Perfect for 12V/6V lead-acid batteries.
2. Precisely controlled peak voltage.
3. Internal micro-processor.
4. High frequency technology
5. Adjustable functions and output: DC 12V 2A/4A, 6V 2A, Winter, Auto Repair and Battery Recovery
6. Spark proof
7. Compatible with various types of vehicles
8. Carefully-designed components prevent damage from short circuit polarity reversal
9. Portable, lightweight and durable
10. Memory function
11. Digital LED power and charge display
12. High quality clamps and accessories

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